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Vacant Home Staging Packages 

THE CLOSING STAGE offers affordable, creative, and all-inclusive packages for staging empty properties and model homes.

Pricing is based on square footage, asking price, property type, the number of rooms staged, and the level of furnishing.  

How we work

FREE Consultation and Proposal:  We will meet with you on-site, tour your property, go over the staging process and budget, and answer your specific questions or concerns.  Afterwards, we will closely inspect the property, take photos, make diagrams and measurements, map out furniture, and plan accessories for optimal impact.  At the end of the consultation we give you a complete estimate depending on square footage, architectural style, number of rooms, and the level of furnishing required.  We will send you a proposal within 24 hours.  Once approved, we will sign the staging agreement and schedule the staging itself.  An initial payment of 20% is due at the time of signature; the balance is due on or before the Staging Day.

Furniture Selection, Accessories and Art Planning:  We will select the right pieces to showcase your property.

Moving and Staging Day: We will spend at least a day at the property to insure smooth delivery of the furniture and accessories.  Depending on your budget, we can stage and highlight every room or limit our focus to the main areas.  

SOLD!!!  De-Staging Day:  We spend an additional day ensuring smooth pickup of rental furniture and accessories.

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