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- "My partner and I are agents on the Westside.  We have had many great experiences with the staging services of Valerie Monkarsh at The Closing Stage.  With her great staging and expertise we have been able to sell all of our properties within a 2-week time period and most for above their asking price.  Her style is always very complimentary to the property, she is flexible and very accommodating with her schedule and is very fair and reasonable on pricing.  All of our Sellers have been very happy with her finished product and what she charges.  She simply provides "just right" staging for the space, timing and budget. We love to work with Valerie and have no hesitation to refer her out to other agents and sellers.  We look forward to working with her again soon on our next projects". Charlee and Dan Nessel - Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Santa Monica CA -


- "Your vacant staging on Butler Ave was done with thought and very good taste. This staging was instrumental in helping us sell this property within 10 days!!! Thank you for all your hard work.” Karen and Jerry Greensweig - Realtors, Teles Properties - Los Angeles CA -


- "Valerie has done an excellent job in staging. She has the perfect eye when it come to spatial relationships. Placement, fabric, and style are her specialties. She helped me obtain over the asking price of the property. I will definitely use her again!”  Robert Leighton – Rodeo Reality – Forner President Beverly Hills & Los Angeles  Association of Realtors - 


- "Valerie Monkarsh from The Closing Stage has made a great name for herself in a very short amount of time. She’s highly talented, ultra professional and it’s no surprise that her clients love her too! I look forward to many years of working with Valerie!” Jennifer H - Fashion Furniture Rental - Los Angeles CA -


- "We sold the house within a week and had 14 offers! We do feel Valerie's staging had a good deal to do with that. I would highly recommend Valerie for future staging and for any Realtor trying to enhance a house to maximize its top dollar.” Dan Nessel - Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Santa Monica CA -


- "Valerie did a terrific job of what I call "zhuzhing" my client's 20 Hollywood townhouse of 15 years. Accessorizing and tweaking the placement of the exisitng furniture. It not only looked great in person, but also popped in the photos. Accordingly, it sold the 1st week in multiples for nicely over asking price.” Michael Tunick - Realtor, California Properties – Los Angeles CA -


- "The Closing Stage and Valerie Monkarsh have been a joy to work with. They came in thru a simple web-search, not thru the normal channel of recommendations, or having seen their work at other properties. Valerie, showed up within a day of us reaching out to her. She walked our condo project, and immediately we could sense that she understood what we were trying to achieve. She was passionate about it and we could tell it was going to be a great fit....... Within two days she had brought us furniture photo's and layouts of what she wanted to do. She was just so easy to work with. The installation was completed within days and Valerie oversaw it all. A month later we decided to add a different model unit for one of our other plan types. Valerie, gave us a whole different look, within a week, the furnishing was perfectly scaled, and just the right style. We have now closed 6 out of 7 units in under 3 months, and Valerie clearly helped push us over the top. She is so easy to work with, has a great eye, and turns it around so effortlessly. Valerie does such amazing work that we are pleased recommend her, and look forward to working with her again.” Dan Stein – Developer, Left Coast Property - Los Angeles CA 


- "I had the pleasure of working with Valerie while selling my townhouse in Santa Monica. She was referred to me by my real estate agent. Since day one, Valerie was extremely professional and exceptionally accommodating to my busy schedule. Valerie quickly understood my project requirements and executed successfully as promised. The townhouse was staged beautifully and we were in escrow shortly after. I definitely plan to hire Valerie for future projects. I had a really great experience working with her.” Sonia Endler - Client - Santa Monica CA -

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- "I'm a Realtor and this was my first time hiring a stager for a property sale, and I would DEFINITELY hire The Closing Stage again! Valerie is friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. She understood that I have not staged a property before and had great suggestions. She listened to what my concerns were and worked with me and the sellers on our budget. She was available as soon as we were ready to stage, finished the job in one day and it came out beautifully. The owners were extremely impressed and told their relatives and friends they had never seen the condo look so nice before! The property was under contract in a week, and I can promise that her staging and helpful tips contributed to that!”  Bruce T. Wen - Realtor, Newen Real Estate Group Inc - Los Angeles CA - 


- "Valerie has the creative ability to turn a vacant space into a real eye catcher with just the right amount of furnishings and accessories to showcase the area and give it a pop of color without cluttering or detracting from the room. Her attention to detail is evident in the finished and polished look of her staged properties.  Her exceptional staging work highlights each room to its fullest potential. Valerie is a warm, kind and thoughtful individual as well as a true professional that sincerely exemplifies the term Home Staging Professional.” Sherry C - Organized by Design -


- "We had 3 offers even before the open house! I had quotes from 5 stagers & you were the only one that measured the space, your attention to detail is no doubt why my home wasn't on the market as long as others.” Emiliana G - Los Angeles CA -

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- "I selected Valerie to stage our condo for sale on the advice of my broker. Since I didn't live locally, I had to put my trust in Valerie that she knew what she was doing. And did she ever. During the open house, everyone commented on how great the place looked, asking if we had just recently renovated. One of the challenges of our particular unit was that it was on the 1st floor, so natural lighting could be somewhat of a problem. But Valerie knew exactly what to do to make the space look bright and inviting. We ended up getting our full asking price within 2 weeks, which made our choice in the Closing Stage one of the best investments I've ever made.” Michael Chang – Client, Los Angeles CA -


- "We are appreciative that you were able to accommodate us on short notice.  This particular unit was an older remodel with an incredible Marina view; but unfortunately as an empty space it did not show well.  Upon staging, you helped us transform this condominium and make it visually appealing.  We were able to sell it quickly-within one week of staging. Thank you for your hard work and help. We would highly recommend you and look forward to working with you again.” Natasha Lederman – Realtor, Charles Lederman and associates – Marina Del Rey CA -


- “I used The Closing Stage to stage a renovated house in Silver Lake (Los Angeles downtown area) and Valerie did a great job. She was prompt, knowledgeable, with good taste and detail oriented. Her prices were also very affordable and she was very pleasant to work with. I would work with her again and definitely recommend her.” Paul  Yalnezian - Realtor, Right Home - Glendale CA -  

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- "Thank you so much for being a wonderful, professional, friendly person that made this all happens. Particularly as this was my first time, what a perfect experience this was. You are an inspiration if I ever thought about changing fields. Again, thank you very much, you are an angel.” Leslie R - Los Angeles CA -

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- "Thank you so much! The house truly looked stunning and we were thrilled to have found you. We will absolutely share your name with others.” Andrea H – Los Angeles CA -


- "Every stage needs a story. Not every stager can create one. This is where Valerie shines. If you want to SELL your house, make it talk.  Tell a STORY.  Communicate its assets & personality. 
Move the buyer from interest to DESIRE. That’s what Valerie did for us. We received 20 offers the first day. Bidding up the asking price!!! But Valerie’s storybook magic is just the crème. She is pleasant to work with, professional, exacting.  And she is extremely fair pricing for such value. One word of caution:  Seeing her story staged, we wanted to buy our own house back. Be ready to part with yours.” Evelyne and John F - Los Angeles CA -


- “I hired Valerie to stage my condo listing in Brentwood and was very pleased with the result. She executed my vision for the look and was very respectful and understanding of the process. She created a sense of warmth and elegance and the result has been great. I would definitely work with her again as she was professional and on her game! " Dennis Kamrany - Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Los Angeles CA - 

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- “I have found Valerie Monkarsh to be an delight to work with. Her keen sense of style and acute attention to detail make her an ideal choice for investors. She commits to the project from the beginning and faithfully carries out all aspects of staging, leaving me to focus my attention where it needs to be on acquisition and sales. Valerie would be an asset to any project.” Wayne Woodmansee - Cooper Mountain Investment Group. Inc  - Los Angeles CA -

- "Your staging certainly made a difference and I truly appreciate your professionalism.  I hope we have the chance to work together again soon.”  June Sebree - Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Pacific Palisades CA -


- “She is very friendly and helpful. My budget was so low so she could not provide me her service but she referred me to a place where my budget was allowed. I was pleasantly surprised how she was so willing to help eventhough I could not work with her. Thank you Valerie for your kindness.” Anne J. - West Adams - Los Angeles CA   

- "Your staging was so beautiful, warm, inviting & you could feel the love & attention put into every aspect of staging our home.” Lori R - Los Angeles CA -

- "Thanks again for your staging… it made all the difference.” Candie H - Los Angeles CA -